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rick-lamont-sedona-property-managerSedona Property Management – Sedona Rentals

Sedona Sun Properties property management services focuses on overseeing a beneficial relationship between property owners and tenants. Rick hands-on style allows him to be watchful of the properties, while creating strong relationships with the tenants and the owners.

If you are currently seeking a property for rent in Sedona, please take a moment to view our current inventory of Sedona rentals.

If you are a property owner currently seeking property management services, please give Rick a call at 928-300-8152 to discuss your property management needs!

“The best way to manage a property is to attract long term, well-qualified tenants and to treat them with respect. A well chosen tenant who makes a house a home is a primary factor in creating a successful investment property experience.

As Property Manager, my job is to maintain a beneficial relationship between owner and tenant, with each honoring their obligations to the other. Property maintenance by both the home owner and the tenant is the key to maintaining that balance.

In 40 years of investing and managing Real Estate, I have learned a simple formula: TAKE CARE OF YOUR PROPERTY AND IT WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.”