Helpful Packing Tips

Feb 1, 2020 | Blog, Organization

One of the forgotten steps in moving is that physically moving your belongings from one spot to another is only part of the deal. Once you get your things to their destination, you still have to find everything and put everything where it belongs. A rule of thumb when surveying your house is that no matter how many box-fulls you think you have, a good idea is to at least increase your most generous estimate by at least 50 percent. And remember, for every box you pack, that’s a box you have to unpack. Check out these helpful packing tips so you don’t go crazy!

Moving boxesSomewhere around 40 million people switch addresses each year. Most of us take weeks, sometimes months to slowly and painstakingly categorize, wrap and pack all our belongings. We spend months looking at prospective houses, and days with our fingers crossed hoping we got the property we wanted. But once you do get your dream house, then what? You took all this time to get everything ready and then you leave yourself one day to move everything.

You Could Hire Professionals…

Yup, it’s just about as crazy as it sounds. But fear not, there are some common sense tips to keep your head from exploding. If you have the money, there are several companies out there that will help you pack up everything, and then once the movers do their thing, they will unpack pretty much everything. These companies will even take the boxes with them when they go. They will hang pictures, put your toothbrush in the bathroom and put the sheets on the bed. They will even get the computer up and running. But, as you can imagine, these types of services aren’t cheap.

Transparent plastic containers

Or You Could Do It Yourself…

If a moving company isn’t in your budget, here are some good tips for do it yourselfers. See through is your friend. Stay away from opaque brown cardboard boxes and try to use as much clear packing material as you can. Clear plastic bins, Ziploc bags for small things, anything that you can think of that is clear and can hold large amounts of stuff.

Lists Lists Lists. Write down what goes in every single box, so when you wake up that first morning in your beautiful new home and you want that first cup of coffee, all you have to do is grab that list and see that it’s in box 91. Have the utilities turned on before you move in. This is especially important if you have kids. Moves are traumatic enough for adults, but when little Johnny is having his universe ripped apart, it helps to be able to plop the kids in front of Dora the Explorer for a bit while you try to recover from exhaustion.

While nothing can really prepare you for the mental and physical stress of moving day, being prepared and taking a few common sense steps can help keep things from getting too out of hand.

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